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    The purpose of the Elkhorn Area Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours is to provide networking opportunities for our members, giving business owners a chance to meet one another and discuss issues relevant to their businesses. The Elkhorn Chamber strongly encourages member to member business whenever possible, making these monthly events a critical part of keeping in contact with other members.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: When are Business After Hours held?
    The Chamber has found that the best times to hold Business After Hours is on a Tuesday or Thursday evening, typically from 5pm-7pm.

    Q: How many people attend?
    We typically see attendance range from 20-30 people.

    Q: Who is invited?
    All members of the Elkhorn Chamber are invited. We also ask the host to invite their contacts such as customers and vendors to ensure networking.

    Q: How will Business After Hours benefit me?
    Hosting a Business After Hours is the perfect opportunity to showcase your business and distribute information about the products or services you offer.

    Q: Who handles the catering?
    You provide the food and beverages (beer and wine is optional) however, the Chamber is happy to refer you to members for catering services.

    Q: How do I sign up for Business After Hours?
    Business After Hours are scheduled on a first come first reserve basis. Please contact the Chamber to schedule your Business After Hours event!


    Cost: The Elkhorn Chamber provides FREE promotion of your Business After Hours event as a part of your member benefits!

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